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A future-proof railway system with 100% circular railway sleepers!

THIOTRACK® sleepers made of sulphur concrete give you as a railway manager greater peace of mind. Not only do these sleepers meet all the functional and technical requirements as described in the European standards and technical specifications. But the sulphur concrete also has a very low impact on both the climate and the environment.

Why choose a THIOTRACK® railway ?


100% circular

Sulphur concrete can be brought back to its liquid form by simply melting it at 135°C. This implies that the sulphur concrete of THIOTRACK® sleeper can easily be separated from its embedded components like steel. As so the concrete and all the integrated components can be endlessly reused in an identical or new concrete applications, without any loss of value or quality.

Even with the use of only primary and high-quality raw materials, we guarantee 100% circularity.

No water usage

In sulphur concrete, water and cement are replaced by sulphur. And not even a drop of water is consumed during the production process. Neither as raw material nor as process water during production (e.g. for cooling). Not insignificant, since water is becoming increasingly scarce and precious.


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Long lifespan

As the sleepers do not absorb water, due to its hydrophobic characteristic, the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the product are 100% preserved. Long lifespan is consequently guaranteed.


Low CO2-emission

The CO2 emissions of the THIOCRETE® production process are exceptionally low compared to conventional cement concrete and other commonly used materials such as steel, ceramics and plastic. There is a 50-80% reduction in emissions due to the avoidance of cement and the low-energy production process.

Harmless to the environment

Sulphur concrete contains no toxic substances and does not leach out. The various forms of elemental sulphur are also insoluble in cold and hot water. Due to its hydrophobic behaviour, sulphur is even able to bind polluting raw materials and prevent their leaching.

With THIOTRACK®, you will make a difference !

Find out more about our THIOTRACK® range here.


High Strength

Vibration resistance


Thermal resistance



Frequently Asked Questions

• What’s the CO2 emission of a THIOTRACK® railway sleeper?

Due to low energy production process and the replacement of cement

by sulphur as a binding agent, the CO2 emissions of a THIOTRACK® sleeper are more than 50% lower compared to a traditional cement sleeper.

Although the energy consumption is higher in the production process of sulphur concrete, THIOCRETE® still has a significantly lower CO2 footprint due to the elimination of cement.

• How strong is a a THIOTRACK® sleeper?

THIOTRACK® fully aligns with the material characteristic requirements for railway sleepers, outlined in governmental scopes of building materials THIOTRACK® is a chemically stable sleeper, which has been exposed to various European accreditation tests from railway infrastructure managers. Through these tests, THIOTRACK®  has demonstrated its outstanding performance.

• What do we mean with 100% circular?

THIOTRACK®  is designed as a 100% circular material, implying that these sleepers can be fully recycled, whereas cement concrete sleepers can only be downcycled. The circularity of  THIOTRACK® implies that, after a melting process, the sulphur concrete and all the integrated components can be reused into identical or new concrete elements. A sulfur concrete sleeper contains all the raw materials for the next concrete sleeper.

• Is THIOTRACK® a solution against the scarcity of raw materials in the future?

Yes. During its lifetime, the THIOTRACK®  sleeper ensures its primary functionality but also allows storage of raw materials for the second-generation sleeper. The production process is a physical transition, allowing the process to be completely reversed through a heating process.

• Have accreditations already been obtained for THIOTRACK®?

THIOTRACK®received the technical accreditation from Infrabel in 2019 and from SNCF Réseau in 2022. In 2020, THIOTRACK® received its first orders (€13m contract Infrabel 2021-2026).

• Which products have already been developed in THIOCRETE®?

Railway sleepers and counterweights are the products that are marketed today for railway infrastructure. Also sewerage pipes in sulphur concrete ( THIOTUBE®) are developed and marketed.

We are in research and development for a multitude of other applications.

• Which types of THIOTRACK® sleepers are available?

The range of THIOTRACK® sleepers includes all different types of monobloc sleepers, twin-bloc sleepers, tramway and craneway sleepers as elements for switches. Specialties such as sleepers with under sleeper pads (called “USP’s) and sleeper with anti-friction system can be provided as so can all types of fastening systems be integrated.

• Do you want to produce THIOCRETE® yourself?

Ask us for more information about the licensing agreement. Bonte Group engineering services will guide you by transferring innovative technology worldwide.


Railway travel to the future with 100% circular sleepers

A scoop at Jemappes railway station (Hainaut, Belgium)! Because that is where Infrabel placed the first 12.000 of our innovative THIOTRACK sleepers in the railtracks. In total, some 200.000 will be laid throughout the entire country. What makes these sleepers made of sulphur concrete so sustainable and climate-friendly? Denis Coppieters (CEO THIOTRACK at De Bonte Group) and Emmanuel Heylen (Engineer at Infrabel) explains this in our video:  
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Infrabel is the first in the world !

Infrabel is the first to make the sleepers of its rail network “green”. Gradually, the cement, which sleepers are traditionally made from, will be replaced by new sleepers made from sulphur concrete. Infrabel will reduce its ecological footprint. It was therefore important for the infrastructure manager to consider, in addition to price, which product offers the greatest benefits for the planet. The green sleepers will be produced for 8 years, at a rate of 25.000 pieces per year. With this project, we will reduce 6000 tons of CO2! On march 6th 2021 the first ‘green’ sleepers were installed in the railway track in attendance of the CEO of Infrabel Benoît Gilson and the Minister of mobility Georges Gilkinet. De national press was fully present. Video of the press event:  Date: 10 March 2021 
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