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Quiet tracks! – PREFARAILS® solutions are ón track, and have been proven over many years.

In and around cities, we try to limit noise pollution as much as possible. De Bonte Group makes an important contribution to this. Because the rail of PREFARAILS® rail systems is professionally insulated, vibrations and noise are reduced and stray electrical currents are avoided. The elements are delivered with such a high degree of precision and finish that installation times – and thus associated traffic disruption – are drastically reduced!

PREFARAILS® solutions stand for carefree tracks and a great track record!

Why choose PREFARAILS® solutions ?

Custom-made to client specification

The PREFARAILS® solutions have already proven their robustness over many years. Each element is designed by De Bonte Group’s engineering department based on a client’s specific needs, and then expertly produced. Thanks to various possible combinations, they fit into any aesthetic design, from fresh grass line to stylish paving in natural stone.  The rails provide durable solutions for various types of traffic.



The rails are packed in rubber shoes or casings (PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket) fixing them in place with perfect support in all possible directions. This PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket also provides great insulation. Moreover, the rubber casing is designed in-house and manufactured from recycled car tyres. Yet another contribution to the environment by De Bonte Group.

Rapid installation or replacement

The meticulous geometry of the elements allows for rapid installation or replacement of a rail track. De Bonte Group can take care of installation to give the principal peace of mind.

Insulated against electrical currents

The integrated PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket ensures that the rails are perfectly insulated against electrical currents (as per the EN50122-2 standard). Consequently, both rails and equipment are therefore optimally protected against stray currents.

Reduction of vibrations

The PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket developed by De Bonte Group, which encases the rails, result in significant reductions in vibration and secondary noise up to 15dB (depending on the type of shoe). With additional vibration-reducing modifications, -20dB can be achieved using PREFARAILS® X-MODULIX track slabs.


Precision in design and production keeps the elements running smoothly and there are fewer deformations in use, thus minimising maintenance. The design of the rail in combination with the PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket allows rails to be easily replaced without damaging the road. This leads to a major reduction in TCO.

Make a major difference with our PREFARAILS® solutions !

Find our extensive range of PREFARAILS® solutions here
(overview on our RAIL page, under ‘Ballastless’).

Frequently Asked Questions

• Up to what dimensions are track modules possible?

The classic track modules are LxWxH = 18 x 2.3 x 0.32m.

Other dimensions can be produced to order. For example, rail points of LxWxH = 21×3.40×0.30.

Technology functions are modified per project.

• What is the maximum weight?

The weight of the prefabricated panels ranges from 25 to 45 T.

• What noise reduction will be achieved?

Between -5dB and -10dB with the standard solution, and up to -20dB with additional vibration-reduction provisions (PREFARAILS® X-MODULIX track slab).

• Is the track casing or jacket waterproof?

Water absorbency is less than 0.1gr H2O/cm³.

• Can the support gantries of the PREFARAILS® GSF installation system be rented?

The support gantries can be rented per week.

• Can a rail be exchanged?

Using the rubber PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket, the rails can be exchanged without damaging the road surface alongside the rails.

• What is the average placement speed?

Average 162 lm of track per day, depending on the site.

• Are there solutions against stray currents?

De Bonte Group has developed a specific PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket that can be applied to the rails to prevent stray currents. This solution complies with standard EN50122-2.

• What does project preparation look like?

Count on a period of 6 to 12 months from the initial studies, fabrication and installation of the elements on site. Obviously, the deadline depends on the nature and size of the site.

• Can separate components such as water gullies and the like be built in?

All classic rail and road accessories can be integrated into our prefabricated solutions.

• Is it possible to protect the edges?

The plate edges can be protected by built-in collars (e.g. blue stone). The rail channel itself is adequately protected by the jakuet in combination with the robustly concreted finish layer.

• Are there solutions for bends and corners?

Solutions are available for all possible configurations. Everything is custom-made regardless of the project.

• Is it possible to set up local production of PREFARAILS® elements?

De Bonte Group has developed a business model that allows a production unit to be installed as close to the site as possible, anywhere in the world, to minimise transport costs and bring our solutions to our clients.

• How are the elements fitted?

The elements are expertly installed on site using truck-mounted cranes. De Bonte Group has years of experience in figuring out the most efficient and fastest placement strategy to get a project done as smoothly as possible.

• Does De Bonte Group have its own placement equipment?

Thanks to very specific, in-house truck-mounted cranes, the most complex plates can be placed in even very challenging site conditions. De Bonte Group’s teams have years of experience.

• Is a modified foundation needed?

The required soil resistance for installing precast slabs is at least 35 MPa.

• What is a floating slab?

We call the PREFARAILS® X-MODULIX a floating solution. The PREFARAILS® X-MODULIX consists of a PREFARAILS® MODULIX slab, which in turn is suspended in an additional concrete container separated by an elastic mat. As a result, this PREFARAILS® X-MODULIX solution guarantees additional noise reduction of up to 20dB.

• How many years of experience do you already have with these products?

De Bonte Group has two decades of expertise and has already installed more than 500 km of track modules worldwide.

• In which countries are there any of these elements?

More than 500km of these types of elements have already been installed worldwide and in Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Poland, Hong Kong, …  

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