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What should you know about our Customized Modular Constructions ?


General info

If your construction site does not allow large or complex customized constructions, we offer a modular construction kit, consisting of smaller elements which you can connect in situ without the need of additional concrete. The construction is split into several lighter and more manageable parts and can be assembled in a watertight manner on site using an ingenious coupling system (approved by the Belgian sewerage manager). The small, modular elements make telescopic cranes unnecessary. 



  • A fully in-house designed and optimized modular construction package
  • Stability study provided taking into account the actual loads
  • All possible dimensions and additional constructions are possible
  • Size, weight or shape are no longer a limitation for prefabrication
  • Installation time can be reduced to 1 day, maximum 2 days
  • Assembly with much lighter telescopic cranes or even yard cranes
  • Mutual settlements and shifts between elements are impossible due to the mechanical connection
  • “Less nuisance” for residents living near construction sites

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