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What should you know about our Customized Constructions?


General info

De Bonte Group offers prefabricated custom-built constructions with the BENOR label including special manholes, in and outlet constructions, overflows, pump puts, end walls, etc. This is how we are able to manufacture constructions of up to 60 tonnes for you. If your site does not allow for such tonnage, we offer a modular construction package consisting of smaller elements that can be connected on site without the need for reinforcement with sand/rubble. The small, modular elements eliminate the need for telescopic cranes. You will find more information here. 




  • Detailed, optimised and available with a stability study
  • Can be delivered in all possible dimensions and with any attachments
  • Cast-in or separate cover plates available with a manhole or cast-in wedge for shaft construction
  • Waterproof connections are available for all types of connections with rubber seals for concrete, gres, PVC, HDPE, PP, GVP tubes and concrete culverts
  • Can be executed with additional add-ons such as ladders, sliders, valves, grilles, etc.
  • More efficient and safer placement due to the presence of ball-bearing anchors
  • Dimensionally stable execution in self-compacting concrete
  • Waterproof connections

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