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Based on years of experience in the production of prestressed sleepers, De Bonte Group also develops optimised sleeper installations and moulds which are sold internationally. A team of in-house experts assists each customer from A to Z with the development and installation of his production line.

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News flash: Sale of dedicated production departments for classic cement concrete sleepers to Sateba

We would like to inform our customers & relations about an important development within De Bonte Group. We have recently reached an agreement with the French multinational Sateba Group for the sale of some of our production departments for classic cement concrete sleepers. This transaction includes the Belgian production division at Laakdal, at Baudour and our 2 French production sites of LIB Ferroviaire. This decision is part of our strategy to further focus on our core business and innovative solutions. We are confident that Sateba will continue manufacturing concrete sleepers with the same commitment to quality and expertise you have come to expect from us. ‘This agreement will benefit both our customers and Sateba’ Pascal Blommaert, CEO RAIL De Bonte Group What does this mean for you ? Continuity of service : You can be confident that services and products will remain at a high level, and Sateba is committed to a seamless transition. New opportunities: This change opens up new opportunities for collaboration and innovation, both for you and for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and partnership with De Bonte Group. Your satisfaction remains our highest priority, and we […]
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Railway travel to the future with 100% circular sleepers

A scoop at Jemappes railway station (Hainaut, Belgium)! Because that is where Infrabel placed the first 12.000 of our innovative THIOTRACK sleepers in the railtracks. In total, some 200.000 will be laid throughout the entire country. What makes these sleepers made of sulphur concrete so sustainable and climate-friendly? Denis Coppieters (CEO THIOTRACK at De Bonte Group) and Emmanuel Heylen (Engineer at Infrabel) explains this in our video:  
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Infrabel is the first in the world !

Infrabel is the first to make the sleepers of its rail network “green”. Gradually, the cement, which sleepers are traditionally made from, will be replaced by new sleepers made from sulphur concrete. Infrabel will reduce its ecological footprint. It was therefore important for the infrastructure manager to consider, in addition to price, which product offers the greatest benefits for the planet. The green sleepers will be produced for 8 years, at a rate of 25.000 pieces per year. With this project, we will reduce 6000 tons of CO2! On march 6th 2021 the first ‘green’ sleepers were installed in the railway track in attendance of the CEO of Infrabel Benoît Gilson and the Minister of mobility Georges Gilkinet. De national press was fully present. Video of the press event:  Date: 10 March 2021 
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A feast for the eye!

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You can build on The Bonte

De Cock company has used the ability of De Bonte to successfully complete the renovation of a railway bridge De Bonte produced two new abutments, which were delivered at Falisolle. The pieces form a solid basis for the new railway bridge. Click here for more information about our custom productions. 
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Group De Bonte is a keen fan of inland waterways navigation !

The transport of our sleepers by inland waterway, among other things?! Yeah, sure! See here how this is done at De Bonte. In cooperation with the   Date : 18 August 2020 
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De Bonte takes care of the energy

De Bonte has been producing cable channels for some time which are applied on high-voltage stations. These elements were already frequently placed by the professionals of the company Democo. The monolith cable channels in concrete, with lids in glass fibre reinforced polyester, are equipped with drainage openings. De Bonte not only produces straight single and double cable channels but also corner pieces, reinforced cable passages as well as foundations for field cabinets for the high-voltage stations.  Date: 27 September 2019   
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