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Blends into nature’s green!

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What should you know about our PREFARAILS® Continu Green Track?


General info

De Bonte Group offers the PREFARAILS® Continu Green Track for the fast construction of tramlines and integration into nature. The PREFARAILS® Continu Green Track consists of a prefabricated module with openings in order to connect the lawn and the topsoil to the platform. This ensures hygrometric continuity between soil and grass and significantly reduces watering when weather temperatures rise.

The rail incorporated in the module is covered with a PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket which makes it easy for the rail system to hold up under heavy crossing traffic, insulates against vibrations and electrical currents and gives you a maintenance-free railroad solution!

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Offers all the benefits of a PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket:

  • Perfectly supported and easily replaced rail as well as insulated against vibrations and electric currents
  • Offers high installation speed
  • A green track without a specific irrigation system
  • Optimal preservation of the grass due to the system design
  • No risk of corrosion of the rail and its fastening system
  • Track can be used by emergency vehicles when needed (optional)
  • Makes it possible to move rolling railway equipment at lower speed before it is fully concreted in
  • Allows rails to be replaced at night during traffic disruptions without interrupting daily train traffic AND no maintenance! 

PREFARAILS® Product range

PREFARAILS® Rail jacketContinuously supportive, sustainable and insulating rail cover
PREFARAILS® GSF Installation systemAn installation system for pouring in-situ rails packed in Prefarails jackets
PREFARAILS® Rail beamFast installation of quiet tramway in urban environment
PREFARAILS® MODULIX Track slabEfficient installation of quiet and fully finished tramway in urban environment
PREFARAILS® X MODULIX Track slabEfficient installation of extra quiet and fully finished tramway in urban environment
PREFARAILS® Continu Green TrackFast installation of a silent tramway integrated into nature

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