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What should you know about our drainage channels?


General info

Some applications demand rainwater drainage. Typical examples include railway ballast packages. Reinforced U-shaped elements with drainage openings make for a perfect solution. The U-shaped elements are fitted with transverse bulkheads to resist the heavy lateral load. They are also known as FV ducts.



  • Sleek cast U elements in self-compacting concrete
  • Dimensionally stable and swift to apply at standard lengths of 3m
  • Fitted with safe hoisting elements
  • Available with various types of top layers including concrete, plastic or galvanised grilles

Product specifications

Drainage & Infiltration drains

Type (bottom/height/top)SlopeStandard
WeightClosedInfiltration hole -bottomInfiltration hole -wallInfiltration stones -
G 40/50/6544652125 cm750 kgXX
G 50/50/10044653300 cm1400 kgXXX
G 50/80/13044653300 cm1850 kgXXXX
G 50/100/15044653300 cm2200 kgXXXX
G 50/50/15044655300 cm1550 kgXXX
G 50/70/19044655300 cm2000 kgXXXX
G 100/50/20044655300 cm1900 kgXX
G 100/70/24044655300 cm2300 kgXXX

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