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100% circular sulphur concrete with respect for our planet and climate

De Bonte Group is constantly looking for innovative solutions. This resulted in the development of a new revolutionary type of concrete called sulphur concrete or THIOCRETE® (‘Thio’ is sulphur in Greek and ‘crete’ comes from concrete). In this concrete, cement and water are replaced by sulphur as a binding agent.

This CEMENT-FREE CONCRETE boasts remarkable properties: sulphur concrete is acid-resistant and it combines the robustness of concrete with very low environmental impact and perfect circularity. After all, it can be melted and reused infinitely, with low energy consumption, and has extremely low CO2 emissions.

So the THIOCRETE® – or circular sulphur concrete – applications enable you to contribute further to the ecological transitions that are firmly underway. THIOCRETE® means you are ready for the future.


100% circular

The production of sulphur concrete is a physical process of melting and solidification that can be repeated infinitely. This makes sulphur concrete 100 % circular and endlessly reusable in an identical application. Perfect circularity is also guaranteed by using only primary and high-quality raw materials.

No water usage

In sulphur concrete, water and cement are replaced by sulphur. And not even a drop of water is consumed during the production process. Neither as raw material nor as process water during production (e.g. for cooling). Not insignificant, since water is becoming increasingly scarce and precious. Sulphur is used as a new binder, making cement useless.

Long lifespan

Because sulphur concrete is hydrophobic, and so no water can penetrate it, it is physically very stable. Its acid-resistant and water-repellent character, combined with the material’s high mechanical strength, guarantees a very high life span, even in the most extreme conditions.

Low CO2 emission

The CO2 emissions of the THIOCRETE® production process are exceptionally low compared to conventional cement concrete and other commonly used materials such as steel, ceramics and plastic. There is a 50-80% reduction in emissions due to the avoidance of cement and the low-energy production process.

Harmless to the environment

Sulphur concrete contains no toxic substances and does not leach out. The various forms of elemental sulphur are also insoluble in cold and hot water. Due to its hydrophobic behaviour, sulphur is even able to bind polluting raw materials and prevent their leaching.


Chemical resistance

High Strength


Thermal resistance

Fire resistance


Vibration resistance

Abrasion resistance

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is sulphur, where does it come from, is it toxic...?

Sulphur is the chemical element with symbol S and atomic number 16. It is a yellow non-metal. It is a very common natural element both on earth and in the universe. The sulphur used to produce sulphur concrete is a residue from the refining of crude oil and gas. This by-product can be considered a pure raw material and therefore does not need to be mined. Its use as a binding agent in sulphur concrete valorizes the residue. Elemental sulphur is insoluble in water and not harmful to humans or the environment.

• What is circular sulphur concrete?

THIOCRETE® or sulphur concrete is a concrete in which water and cement have been replaced as binding agents by sulphur. The other raw materials (gravel, sand and fillers) are identical to those of conventional concrete. The production process is based on the physical process of melting sulphur at +- 135°C and letting it cool and solidify again after mixing the liquid sulphur with the granules. Because the elemental sulphur in THIOCRETE® technology remains unmodified, this process can be repeated endlessly. As a result, the concrete can be melted an infinite number of times and thus returned to its liquid, workable state, and consequently reused without any loss of value.

• Does THIOCRETE® leach?

Sulphur concrete does not leach.

THIOCRETE® is distinguished from conventional concrete by its chemical resistance from pH 0 to 12 and its hydrophobic character. This makes the concrete virtually impregnable, placing it in the category of high-strength concrete.

• How are products made of THIOCRETE® recycled?

THIOCRETE® is melted after use, making it reusable for identical or new applications, just like all embedded components (in the THIOTRACK® railway sleepers for example). Products are given a second life using minimal heat (around 140°C). THIOCRETE® products ensure their primary function during their lifetime and also enable the storage of raw materials for the second generation.

THIOCRETE® has all the properties for infinite reuse without loss of quality or performance, making it a perfect circular material.

• Do you want to produce THIOCRETE® yourself?

Ask us for more information about the licensing agreement. Bonte Group engineering services will guide you by transferring innovative technology worldwide.

• Are production sites already operational?

There are several sites in Belgium and Poland where THIOCRETE® products are in production. Contact us for more information.

• Which products have already been developed in THIOCRETE®?

Sewer elements, railway sleepers and counterweights are the products De Bonte Group is marketing today in THIOCRETE®. Further research and development are underway for a wide range of other applications.

• What to do with sulphur concrete residues?

THIOCRETE® is 100% circular and should be returned to the manufacturer. They will then reuse it as a primary raw material in the production of new materials.  After all, THIOCRETE® is not a waste flow, but rather a primary residual flow. For this reason, avoid disposing of residual sulphur concrete to a crushing plant, whether combined with other rubble or not. Should small quantities still be crushed into rubble by a crushing plant, this does not pose any environmental or human health problems.


The 1st sulphur concrete drainage channel with 300mm diameter has been BORN!

🎉 Great news! The 1st sulphur concrete drainage channel with 300mm diameter has been BORN!🌟 👶 A big baby of 3m long! 🔝 But that’s not all: the crown pressure test was FULFILLING! Just like the DN250mm tube, it too immediately achieved strength class 240! 💪 🎯 An important milestone for our THIOTUBE drainage system and the expansion of our range! This opens doors for a more low-carbon sewer infrastructure! 🌍 Let’s work together to build a more sustainable future! 🤝🌱 Congratulations to colleague Joeri Hamal, support and companion during pregnancy and delivery 😉 Find out more about our revolutionary sulphur concrete, named THIOCRETE, on our website
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Railway travel to the future with 100% circular sleepers

A scoop at Jemappes railway station (Hainaut, Belgium)! Because that is where Infrabel placed the first 12.000 of our innovative THIOTRACK sleepers in the railtracks. In total, some 200.000 will be laid throughout the entire country. What makes these sleepers made of sulphur concrete so sustainable and climate-friendly? Denis Coppieters (CEO THIOTRACK at De Bonte Group) and Emmanuel Heylen (Engineer at Infrabel) explains this in our video:  
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Infrabel is the first in the world !

Infrabel is the first to make the sleepers of its rail network “green”. Gradually, the cement, which sleepers are traditionally made from, will be replaced by new sleepers made from sulphur concrete. Infrabel will reduce its ecological footprint. It was therefore important for the infrastructure manager to consider, in addition to price, which product offers the greatest benefits for the planet. The green sleepers will be produced for 8 years, at a rate of 25.000 pieces per year. With this project, we will reduce 6000 tons of CO2! On march 6th 2021 the first ‘green’ sleepers were installed in the railway track in attendance of the CEO of Infrabel Benoît Gilson and the Minister of mobility Georges Gilkinet. De national press was fully present. Video of the press event:  Date: 10 March 2021 
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