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What should you know about our PREFARAILS® GSF Installation System ?


General info

De Bonte Group presents the  PREFARAILS® GSF Installation System. This installation system consists of gantries that allow rail tracks packed in PREFARAILS® Rail Jackets to be perfectly poured on site according to the railway line at hand. Our experts provide the necessary guidance.

Combined with perfect fixation of the rail in the pavement, this installation method offers a low-cost track solution that easily holds up under heavy crossing traffic and offers you a maintenance-free level crossing solution!

Would you like to learn more about our innovative PREFARAILS® product range and the benefits of the PREFARAILS®  RAIL JACKET? Find the full explanation here. 



  • The GSF Installation System ensures that the situation is perfectly followed in situ
  • It guarantees that the nominal track width is maintained
  • It allows for fine tuning in the transverse and height direction
  • It is a placement system that allows for rails to be installed on site with the rail jacket
  • Offers all the benefits of a PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket
  • Is the cheapest way to lay tracks
  • Allows for installation at lower heights (such as technical constructions)
  • Offers high installation speed
  • The design of the rail combined with the PREFARAILS® Rail Jacket allows easy rail replacement without damaging the road
  • No maintenance

PREFARAILS® Product Range

PREFARAILS® Rail jacketContinuously supportive, sustainable and insulating rail cover
PREFARAILS® GSF Installation systemAn installation system for pouring in-situ rails packed in Prefarails jackets
PREFARAILS® Rail beamFast installation of quiet tramway in urban environment
PREFARAILS® MODULIX Track slabEfficient installation of quiet and fully finished tramway in urban environment
PREFARAILS® X MODULIX Track slabEfficient installation of extra quiet and fully finished tramway in urban environment
PREFARAILS® Continu Green TrackFast installation of a silent tramway integrated into nature

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