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What should you know about our Noise barriers?


General info

REBLOC® developed the SILENT system to save space and offer maximum noise protection to densely populated areas. The REBLOC® integrated noise barrier can be integrated into road construction economically and with little loss of space. The sleek total width of the system of 105cm ensures optimal use of the space available.

We manufacture REBLOC® Noise Barriers in Belgium. Based on the renowned expertise of REBLOC® Austria, these concrete safety barriers with noise-reducing panels have been tested and approved in accordance with EN1317-1/2. They are your guarantee of safe traffic management with efficient noise reduction!

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  • The SILENT system has a strong noise protection effect thanks to its minimum distance to the sound source
  • Tested in accordance with EN1317-1/2
  • The installation is free-standing, does not require anchoring to the ground and the modular design allows for the combination of various highly absorbent panels of concrete, aluminium or acrylic glass, resulting in numerous architectural design options.
  • Simple and swift installation due to simultaneous mounting of the vehicle protection system and the noise barrier
    Available in various system heights.

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REBLOC® product range
REBLOC®Light permanent elements (N1 – H2 )
POWERHeavy permanent elements(H3 – H4a/H4b)
SWITCHTemporary elements that can later on be used permanently
CONNECTTransition elements for all other types
MINIBLOCProtective barriers for pedestrians

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